Adam Goldsmith (Tribe)

"When Adam Joined tribe in 2007 he had his work cut out learning the parts the well loved Michael Lee had put down with his tenure in the band. the self taught Yorkshireman grew up on a diet of Watts, Burr/Mcbrain, Benante, tempesta, Cavalera, Adler, Richardson and Gaskill and had cut his teeth with former bands the se7en machine and Bloodstream as well as some session work for singer songwriter Richard Anderson. As Adam proudly proclaims - ´Appetite for destruction ruined my life´ and It´s safe to say that Adam has filled those shoes left by Michael Lee and tribe´s debut album ´Pray for calm... Need he chaos´ is out now. Look out for tribe on the road in late 2009 and earl 2010 before working on a follow up..."