Ali Richardson (Bleed From Within)

Since starting out on tables at age 13, Ali Richardson has been noticed as one of the tightest live performers in the UK metal scene today. Now 21, his band, Bleed From Within, are quickly becoming recognized as a premier band in the genre and show no intent of slowing. With a 3 week headline tour of Europe, and a month long tour of the UK and Ireland, the band have covered most of the continent this year already. And with many more festival appearances and a 2 week tour of Mexico on the horizon, they show no signs of slowing. 

Their second album Empire captures the bands new found sound, and is available from all good record stores! Make sure you grab yourself a copy or get along to a show and buy one from the band themselves! 

"A busy touring schedule means your drums are always at risk of getting battered. Protection Racket ensures my drums are safe on the road"