Andrew Mckenzie (The King Blues)

Andrew has been drumming for 15 years. He studied music at Cambridge (not the posh one!) and from there started joining bands playing Hard-core Punk, then Pop Punk, Post Melodic Hard-core in Awake The Empire, followed by Drum and Bass in Animal Music. Andrew currently plays in The King Blues. Newly reformed, the band has recently played at Reading and Glastonbury, toured the UK and Europe, and have just released their 5th studio album.

Andrew has recorded Albums; EP’s and appeared on film soundtracks. He’s toured domestically and internationally and played with a platinum selling artist.

Andrew describes his style as fast paced and solid, heavily influenced by Abe Cunningham, Travis Barker and Tony Royster JR.

“Protection Racket are the best of the best, I wouldn't trust my kit in anything else “