Chris Frazier (Steve Vai - Whitesnake)

Chris Frazier is a versatile rock drummer from the USA.  Chris worked with Steve Vai on various recordings spanning from 1985 to 2000 including "Flexable","Passion & warfare","Firegarden" and "Living in an ultra world". Chris also toured extensively with Steve from 1992-2001 opening for Bon Jovi in 1992 to headlining the White Nights festival in Russia in ´93 as well as multiple trips to Japan, South America and Europe.   Other artists Chris have worked with include; Private life, A pet project of Ed Van Halen´s and Ted Templeman.  He has also recorded on Film Soundtracks including; Wayne´s World, Gremlins 2.   In 90-93 Chris worked with Tribe after tribe, a South African band based in L.A. The band had an alternative/world approach to their music requiring a percussive/kinetic drummer. Chris worked with the band, performing on "Love under will" and toured America and Europe opening for Pearl jam and Saigon kick. As stimulating and musically fulfilling, as the band was it was at odds with the big machine. The record company filed chapter 11 and the management was not far behind. The band wasn´t an overnight success and couldn´t survive the support team crumbling around it. Such is life. After the split with Tribe after Tribe, Chris supported himself with studio work such as performing on "That thing you do" soundtrack and various commercials and Japanese projects and demos. He also co-produced and performed on two instrumental CDs with Doug Aldrich. Doug is a fiery guitarist with the same interests in rock and jazz from the 70s."High centered "produced by Andy Johns is an exploration in soundscapes derivative of zeppelin to Hendrix while "Electrovision"is more Mahavishnu/beck influenced. Both on Pony canyon/Japan.  Most recently, Chris has been the drummer for David Coverdale’s Whitesnake.