Craig Connet (Sandi Thom)

Originally from Linlithgow, a small town near Edinburgh, Craig moved to Liverpool in 2001 to study music at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. This is where he cut his teeth playing in bars and clubs 7 nights a week, establishing himself as a respected and sought after musician on the Liverpool scene. In 2007 Craig moved ‘into the sticks’, and (when not on tour) he now splits his time between his studio there and sessions in London.

Craig is a feel drummer with style and panache. He is regularly in and out of studios providing reliable grooves and adding individual flair to a wide variety of musical styles. At home both in the studio and on stage, his dynamic persona and talent make him an indispensable member of any band or project.

Craig’s natural energy drives his groove, which is ultimately immersed in old funk with a rich texture and soulful feel. Craig’s performances are guaranteed to be surprising and intriguing to watch and whilst mastering any given style he maintains his unique character and personality.

Since leaving LIPA in 2004, Craig has gone on to play with; Triple Platinum selling artist Sandi Thom, Joe Bonamassa , The Christians, Tim Woodcock/(stage name, Tim Daniels), Joss Stone, Marcus Bonfanti, Paddy Milner, Todd Sharpville, Brooke X, Mama Stones House Band and many more.

During downtime whilst not on tour, Craig works from home in his online drum recording facility.

In The Sticks Studio, is a purpose built recording studio. It is set up so that artists/producers, can easily upload their tracks, and using world class instruments and recording equipment, can receive professional drum tracks online created specifically for their project

Craig launched In The Sticks Studio in 2009 and has received fantastic reviews from all clients to date.