Henry Vered (Independent)

Henry Vered is a creative and motivated musician, drummer and educator born in 1974. The son of Sam Vider, a respected drum teacher and conductor in Israel, his music career started at the age of 3, when he was enrolled in a musical kindergarten. From age 4-9, he played the piano, and then switched to the trumpet for 3 years, after which he started playing the drums – the instrument that continues to fascinate him to this day.

Henry’s musical education focused around playing in the Tel Aviv Jaffa Youth Orchestra. A student at the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts playing with the drama/dance classes, he also played Big Band and Dixie music in various ensembles, tv shows, was a member of the Rimon Big Band, and performed on stage in Israel and abroad as a child.

On completion of the army, Henry began working with various youth orchestras in Israel, including the Tel-Aviv Jaffa orchestra (where he was raised) as well as teaching music in Israeli schools and other conservatories. In 2007, he also established a private studio. while continuing his public teaching career, Henry was playing with many artists and ensembles in Israel and abroad, playing alongside famous Israeli singers and musicians, appearing at weddings, major events and productions, and in many theatre plays for adults and children and TV programs also.

Since 2013, Henry has been a member of the Jewish Monkeys band, who are currently working on their third album. The band performs at a range of important festivals in Israel and abroad, including the Hungarian Sziget Festival in 2017 and much more, has participated in countless radio interviews and TV programs in Europe, and has received extensive coverage in the German press.

Henry’s repertoire covers a range of music styles, including jazz, funk, musicals, rock, .classic music, Latin, and fusion   Henry is considered an “all around” drummer. He also continues his career as a senior teacher in orchestras and as a music mentor at his studio.