Lynn Coulter (Rita Coolidge/Independent )

Lynn Coulter was born in New Orleans, LA, and came to California by way of Jackson, MS and Memphis, TN. He has recorded or toured with Leon Russell, Paul Butterfield, Dan Peek of ‘America’, David Cassidy, Carole King, Helen Reddy, Johnny Rivers and Rita Coolidge. He has also performed with Mary Wells, Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits), Lou Christie, the Drifters, the Coasters, Bo Diddley, Little Anthony, the Shirelles and the Marvellettes.

Rather than write a long-winded bio, here is what a few people had to say:

Lynn Coulter has a unique style and feel that is so unusual here in LA. I would describe it as Organic and Reactive. More than a drummer playing a kit, Lynn uses percussion and found objects to widen his sonic pallet. For example, his use of stainless-steel bowls and wire whisks created incredibly funky beats that could never be replicated on a standard drum kit. He thinks in sonic colors and textures and is always looking for something new. In addition, his vibe is so positive and supportive. He makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Whether he is playing a New Orleans groove, Blues, Country or Rock, Lynn gives a unique touch that is truly him. His attention to the sound of his drums and thinking about the texture of his kit in the sonic placement of a recorded track shows how much he cares not only about performance but the totality of the recording. I can spot his feel immediately and so enjoy connecting musically with him.

ERIC GARCIA (48 Windows Studio, Guitarist with Silver Lake Trio)

The first time I witnessed Lynn playing I could not take my eyes off of him. It was as if he was a master chef or a top-notch mechanic or a precise medical surgeon dissecting, concocting, and assembling the tastiest of grooves behind his kit. His use of homemade handmade toys sounds and hitting implements was MIND BLOWING...... and on top of that he was incorporating all his wealth of musical styles into this magical gumbo stew of drumming Valhalla. Go witness this drumming phenom whenever you can. You will thank me.

BUTCH NORTON (Drummer, Lucinda Williams)

I have written, recorded and performed with Lynn Coulter for the better part of 20 years. He’s a triple threat musician, onstage and in the studio. In addition to his world-class drumming and percussion work on many of my film, tv and song sessions, he is a killer vocalist and first-rate songwriter.   He always brings his own unique energy, good humor, tasteful playing and deep Louisiana soulfulness to every studio and live project I’ve done with him; that includes recording and/or performing with artists as diverse as Johnny Rivers, Bruce Willis, (Lucinda Williams’ longtime bassist) David Sutton, and our ongoing Americana songwriting partnership in LA based band Mason South.   

DOUG HAMBLIN (The Doug-Out Studio, Guitarist with Bruce Willis and Johnny Rivers)

I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with drummer Lynn Coulter in my touring band since the year 2000. Lynn, "My Favorite Duet Partner", is a talented and soulful singer. He is creative, making many of his own percussive instruments from organic materials. He has worked tirelessly co-producing two of my studio CDs. As a performer and entertainer, he inspires me and our fellow band members with his marvelous sense of humor and wit.  I am honored to know and to have played music with Lynn Coulter for all these years, and for many to come. He truly is " The Heartbeat of Our Band".