Matt Davy (Godstone)

With almost a quarter of a century of experience already under his belt, Matt Davy combines precise technical emphasis and control with an intuitive understanding of rock’s visceral power. Citing influences that encompass the likes of Mike Portnoy, Marco Minnemann, Danny Carey, and Steve Judd, Matt draws upon the complexities of the progressive rock and metal spectrum to underpin a uniquely sophisticated style that is customarily delivered with apparently effortless energy.

Having travelled many long miles on the road with a diverse range of groups, playing heavy rock, metal, progressive rock, blues, garage rock and any number of sub generic forms, Matt has always relied upon the quality and durability offered by Protection Racket. Having bought their first range in 1994, he is fulsome in his praise, “"Protection Racket has been a crucial part of my kit and helped me keep my consistency of set up and protected my past eight kits".

Today, Matt provides the powerhouse rhythms that drive the critically acclaimed behemoth that is Godstone – a unique, genre-splicing and defying entity that traverses a sonic spectrum running from heavy rock, right through to the fringes of death metal and noted for their mastery of infectious melodies and catchy hooks.