Phil Pesky Westwood (Independent)

Phil Westwood or “Pesky” as hes known in the drumming circle, picked up a pair of drumsticks at the tender age of seven. ever since that day hes never looked back and has enjoyed playing Drums & Percussion in almost every Genre possible, from Brass Bands and Orchestras to Big Band Jazz, Blues, Rock & heavy Metal. But has now settled in the formidable shoes of one of his drumming idols, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) Playing for a few well known & respected Pink Floyd Tribute Bands.

With an experience of travelling the globe drumming, over the past 30+years, Phil enjoys both playing and going to see live bands across the UK Phil has recently started up his own business restoring & servicing drums & percussion equipment as he has such a passion for all things drum related & with this experience, knowledge & engineering background, his attention to detail, means the results are bringing in customers from all over.

Phil also is the founder & brain child (along with good friend Alex Lindley) behind the

Manchester Drum Show, which opened its doors for the first time this year (2014) to a great response, so much so, that it will be an annual event on the drumming calendar for the foreseeable future.

Phil Currently is enjoying playing in Pink Floyds “The Wall” Live. A 3 hour show

performing ʻThe Wallʼ in its entirety with an additional 90mins of Floyd Favourites as an encore!