Scott Cutshall (Independent)

Scott Cutshall, born 1963, Pennsylvania, United States of America, begin playing music first on flute, and after threatening to quit his school band, was given the Green Light to begin studying snare drum. This was 1969, and he still digs drums & percussion to this day. 

Cutshall cut his musical teeth on jazz studies while also playing in an endless stream of often unbelievably shitty rock bands. All his attention focused on Jazz Mecca, New York City, he left his hometown, and the shitty rock bands, for the Big Apple and never looked back. 

Cutshall began playing with saxophonist Dave Liebman (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones´ Jazz Machine), eventually recording with him as well. In addition to Liebman, Cutshall has also worked, recorded or toured with Ben Monder, Tony Marino, Tony Malaby, Russ Lossing & Herb Robertson amongst many other of New York´s elite musical visionaries. 

The list of those he has studied with is equally impressive: Bob Moses (Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorous, Jim Pepper) Bill Goodwin (Phil Woods, Keith Jarrett, Gary Burton) Ramnad Rhagavan (John McLaughlin and Shakti) Jamey Haddad (Oregon, Paul Simon) 

Cutshall has appeared at the JVC Jazz, Ford Detroit Montreux and Portland International Jazz Festivals... as well, he has played the Blue Note-NYC, Knitting Factory-NYC & Sweet Basil-NYC clubs. He has appeared on various international jazz labels: Red, Owl, Black Saint and CMP. Cutshall was a CMP Records (Koln, Germany) recording artist, with his debut album, Zyphoid Process (CMP 76) garnering rave reviews from European, Asian and American press. 

Cutshall resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter, where he plays music, rides a bicycle often in the foul shitty grey Pacific NW weather, bitches frequently about many things, and home-schools his little girl. 

When Cutshall creates music he uses: Sonor Drums, Vic Firth Sticks/Mallets/Brushes, Old Paiste and older Zildjian cymbals Remo & Cooperman hand drums ...and yes, you can bet your ass he protects all of the above with the best damn bags & cases on this planet, Protection Racket.