Sherry Weinstein (Independent/Educator)

Sherry picked his first pair of sticks at the age of 15, After several years of piano and guitars lessons he knew he found his place.

Playing all through high-school ,learning and jamming with friends he fell in love.

During his military service in the IDF he didn't play a lot.But after leaving the service Sherry really got in to it , Practicing for hours,Studying with the best drummers in Israel , Doing gigs in all styles.

Sherry is best known for his work with two of the most valued indie acts in Israel (Yuppies with Jeeps and Young puritans),Playing ,Recording and touring the country,They have 5 records out getting great reviews from every indie lovers in the Israel ,He still plays with them to this day.

Sherry started teaching drums 16 years ago, Teaching hundreds of students along the years,in his private studio in Jerusalem.

For the last 4 years he is the manager of the drum department at Drumbite's Music School in Jerusalem Israel.

Sherry say's: "Drums is the only thing I know how to do,it's my life".