Toby Horton (Independent)

Toby began playing drums at the early age of seven, receiving his first drum lesson from former Porcupine Tree drummer Chris Maitland. Chris would continue teach Toby for many years, always being a great teacher and huge inspiration for him.

After moving to Brighton in 2009 to study music, Toby joined the band The Agitator, and soon after they made their debut TV appearance on Later with Jools Holland, in early 2011. The success was short-lived however, and the group disbanded not long after. Still living in Brighton at this point, Toby started up a new project called Troves, in which he was one of the main songwriters and producers in the project. The band released two singles through Nude Records, the record label formerly home to brit-pop band Suede.

Now living in London, Toby is a session player for a number of different artists including Kyan, Fictonian, and Joy Crooks. The move to London had proved beneficial for Toby, as he was asked to play with VV Brown and The Beach for someone off festival slots. As well as being a session musician, Toby is teaching from his own studio in South East London, and has begun working as a producer in Dock Street Studios, an excellent new studio built by the Miloco Studios team.