Wei Liu (Independent)

He learned classical piano when he was little. In 1999, he studied Jazz in Beijing contemporary music academy. After graduating, he’s further educated in Austria Vienna College of music and the Berkeley School of music. Now, he is the guest drum Professor of Beijing contemporary music academy, has arranged, produced and performed for Han Geng, Sa Dingding, Zhang Jie and other top singers in China. He is sponsored by: Mapex drum, Sabian cymbal, REMO drum-heads, KICKPORT, ASPIRAR drum shoe.

He built his own band”JUNGLEMICO PROJECT”, Electron music style, was deemed as the most internationalized and most imaginative voice by foreign media magazine in 2012.Rated as the most creative drummer by “CITY WEEKEND”-the largest English magazine in China. In 2014, with "Han Qi" together made "MICO Liu Wei" signature drumsticks. In 2015 the first album "Yun You" came out, the same year won the Asian Chinese Music Media Awards "best electronic artist" and MIDI music best play nomination.