Wei Lu (Independent)

Wei Lu, who’s from Xiang Xi, Hu Nan province, three generations in his family are drummers.

Influenced by his father at his earlier age, he began to develop deep interesting in percussion. When he was 13, he started to take lessons from his father, and started to learn piano when he was 14. He used to practice drums all day long in the deep forests for 8 years.  

In 1998, he majored in drumming at Midi school. In 2003, following and further studying with

Quan You, the drummer of Cui Jian band in both drum and percussion. He has joined many famous bands since 2001, also participating in various types of performances and album recording.

Very positive feed-backs from people he’d worked with. In 2006, he started focusing on original music of record and film, playing and recording for the music TV shows. He is also very active in live shows.