Yiannis Sachinis (Brother & Bones)

Yiannis discovered drums at age 15 during a science class. The guy sitting next to him started drumming on his pencil case and Yiannis thought it was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen. Since that moment Yiannis was well and truly hooked on drums and has never looked back.

Fast forward a decade or two and Yiannis has carved a successful career as a musician and is currently playing drums for full-blooded, 5-piece powerhouse Brother & Bones. Delivering a monstrous live show with fiery-warm vocals, finger picked acoustic, bluesy electric, face-melting bass and a barrage of drums and percussion.

"Devastatingly pure...arena sized soul" - iLike Music

"Brother & Bones stands alone as a beacon of everything that creativity and genius should be" - Ltd State

"...Some say they sound between Mumford and Sons and The Dead Weather... I think these boys could be bigger and better than both…" - There Goes The Fear