Rocket Foam

ROCKET FOAM™ is used in our AAA drum case and Classic & Deluxe guitar case lines.  It is a Closed-cell foam that has a calculated degree of hardness, determined by its density.  ROCKET FOAM ™ density is between 60- 65 Kgs/m3. It is strong enough to walk on without major distortion.

Most of the cells or bubbles in ROCKET FOAM™ are not broken; they resemble inflated balloons or soccer balls, piled together in a compact configuration. This makes ROCKET FOAM™ strong and fairly rigid because the bubbles are strong enough to take a lot of pressure, like the inflated tyres that hold up an automobile. The cells are full of a special gas, selected to make the protective value of ROCKET FOAM™ as high as possible, without gaining weight. 

ROCKET FOAM is laminated onto both sides of the internal 5mm poly-carb frame, 8mm on the inside and 3mm on the outside.