Leonn Meade (Independent/Peter Andre)

Through the course of Time, some have come ahead of the beat in their attempts at Change, some continue to lag behind it and then there are those who come on the beat, in perfect time with enough confidence to set a new percussive pulse with their snares, sticks and a definitive kick, and so comes Leonn Meade an astute musician.

He is regarded as one of the UK´s finest Drumming talents to emerge in the past decade.

To witness this you will have seen him share stage, studio and often both with the likes of Peter Andre, Jay Sean, Nate James, Terri Walker, Illiyun, Westlife, international superstar Natasha Bedingfield or heavyweight Mariah Carey though he is perhaps best recognised in his role as Resident Drummer for The London Community Gospel Choir, a role which has seen him perform across the Globe to sell out audiences in some of the world’s most prestigious venues.

To hear him is to hear the slow, steady march of soldier’s feet in a similitude of war or at times it´s the tickle of fire sizzling through a string of dynamite into an array of controlled yet explosive chaos. For Meade is a Tactician with an intelligent heart for his talent, a talent he has honed on a landscape of Pentecostal, Rock and Pop skill and it is this skill that will keep him boldly metronomic as he sets then breaks the rules of the ever- lawless game.