Nathan Meadows (Independent)

Nathan has been playing drums since the age of 4, and started lessons at the age of 8. From the age of 15 Nathan has performed all across the country. Starting out with pop-punk school band “Four Simple Rules” who were picked up by a publishing label and spent many days taking time out from education to experience the rollercoaster world of recording studios and contracts and supporting acts (who at the time were making it through the charts) such as Rooster, Elviss and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, It was the pretty clear the only route he wanted to take was making music.

When FSR disbanded in 2004, he then decided to try out something new and was approached by a local hip-hop/metal group called “Hallelujah Johnson” who had their own success of supporting major dance and hip hop acts across a time frame of nearly 10 years. This group was a more of a test for Nathan, considering he grew up listening to Blink 182 and Simple Plan, now at the age of 18, he had to join a group of 30 year olds, play to a click live and start listening to a lot of DJ Shadow and Roots Manuva!

Hallelujah Johnson eventually fizzled out due to members of the band starting families and wanting to take a break from music. This left Nathan again without a band. During this period of not having a band to rehearse with and having a lot of free time, he was offered the chance to work at a drum store in Southend which would eventually become one of the UK’s largest retailers today, Professional Music Technology. Nathan became a face amongst the scene and made many friends in the industry. Whilst in the job he had about another 5 bands to play around with, all with different styles, from Metal to Hip Hop to Jazz. Nathan was never one to shy away from a style of music.

It wasn’t until 2009 that Nathan landed a position at the drum kit with the band TAKE100’s first gig was supporting Jools Holland at a 4000 sell out show in Priory Park in Southend, they also had a short spell selling out venue’s in the local area before other member went off to Uni and again, the band didn’t really come to anything..

In 2011, Nathan is currently with 2 original bands “I AM THE MIDDLEMAN” AND “LONG STORY SHORT” and one of the UK’S leading function bands Happy Hour (currently signed and managed to the world’s largest online booking agent, Alive Network

Long Story Short are currently in pre production to record a new album and are currently working closely with Mcfly’s management to land the support slot of Mcflys new tour, I Am The Middleman are taking it slowly writing a very complex and aggressive but melodic blend of Indie/Rock/Metal and are looking to gig again in 2012.

Happy Hour are currently very busy with a schedule that basically see’s the group working Thursday-Saturday playing wedding, birthdays and co-operate events throughout the year

" Hallelujah Johnson have plenty of talent, some crafty-sounding beats and some cunning turntable noises. " ReverbNation

“Take100 were oozing with energy, great sound and really got me pumped!” Charis Short, NME

"I Am The Middleman have a fantastic sound! Moody as hell and the bass and drums whipped this track up into a furious outro! Ollie Winiberg-Bettell – BBC Introducing